Setting up an overseas subsidiary in the UK: Introduction

An overseas subsidiary will normally be in the form of a UK limited liability company whose shares are wholly owned by the overseas parent. It is important to note that a company is a completly seperate legal entity subject to two main areas of regulation - tax and company law.

A subsidiary in the UK is given Limited company status which turns the UK presence into a distinct legal entity - separate from its owners. The cost for the formation of a subsidiary is low and the minimum capital requirement is as low as £1 which is not the case in many neighbouring European countries where the requirements are much more rigorous and costly.

The UK cost for incorporating a business in the UK, or setting up a branch of an overseas parent company can be high if the appropriate steps, and indeed forward groundwork is not conducted. For further information on establishing a presence in the UK, please contact us for specific questions. We are here to help and want you to succeed.