Legal Structures in the UK

UK legal structures paralleled with investing in the UK is straightforward provided your strategies are clear and you engage experienced local trusted advisors to counsel on the commercial, strategic, legal, accounting and taxation issues which your new legal structure needs to get right.

The UK Legal structures differ quite drastically from those worldwide - although some are similar. For all of our clients setting up in the UK, we provide UK start up advice and walk through the obligations and director's responsibilities at the beginning, to ensure the correct legal structure is chosen for the business to operate effectively.

A UK source of finance varies somewhat from one legal structure to another. We have some useful facts and assistance on raising finance for business.  

We are often asked how legal structures in Scotland differ from legal structures in the UK. Much of Scottish company law is reserved to the UK Government. The Scottish Government is in touch with the UK Government as it progresses the implementation the Companies Act 2006 and liaison through the on-going development of EU legislation on company law.

As the pages attached to this show, we review the legal structures available and talk through the competencies and options of those available. Frequently we will get asked for the differencies between a Permanent Establishment - a branch, and a Ltd company (can be a subsidiary or standalone). We summarised this here.