British American Business

We are proud to be members of BritishAmerican Business

BritishAmerican Business has grown to become the leading transatlantic business organization, dedicated to helping companies connect and build their business on both sides of the Atlantic. Invest in the UK Logo

Their membership includes the world’s leading multinationals and middle-market companies, including most of the major American and European players in banking, pharmaceuticals, energy, aerospace/defense, insurance, accountancy, law, real estate, telecoms, management/business consultancies, airlines and the media.

We are provided with access to practical, measurable business expansion opportunities through high-caliber networking and targeted marketing platforms, as well as top-quality business intelligence and regulatory advice and influence.

BritishAmerican Business incorporates the American Chamber of Commerce (UK) and British-American Chamber of Commerce which merged in 2000 to create a single, pre-eminent business organization to serve its members on both sides of the Atlantic.