Broaden your business horizons

Take your Canadian business further afield - with one of the UK Inward Investment experts

Hello. We are Kevin Beare & Co . . .

We are a firm of UK Chartered Accountants specialising in assisting Canadian companies who are looking to broaden their business’s horizons, by expanding to the UK and Europe. Our passion; our ethos; our reason-for-being, is to continually offer expert advice and guidance, for international businesses operating within the UK.  What’s more, our sole focus is on helping foreign clients, rather than a mix of domestic businesses and those abroad. This means that we really are in the best possible position to help your business expand into Europe.  

Making expansion possible in a recovering economy.  

There’s no doubt about it. Times have been difficult. But with the economic downturn behind us, and the roots of global recovery in full show, then now could be the ideal opportunity to embrace your business future. As one of the UK’s leading UK Inward Investment experts, we’re continuing to help Canadian businesses just like yours.

We’re not saying it’s going to be easy but what things worth doing are?  

BUT . . . what we are saying, is we can guarantee that whatever the hurdles – we’re all here to help you clear them, and get your business moving in foreign climes. After all, we’re one of the leading UK Inward Investment experts, so we’re good at doing just this, and we’re doing it for many clients right now – so you really don’t need to worry.

In fact, we’ll make all these problems melt away like lemon drops. Leaving you to do what you do best; securing orders, generating profits and growing your business.

Local help from us, optimised opportunities for you

You may already have it all; a great product, a super-duper service, all the necessary accounting, legal and compliance issues all taken care of in Canada; all wrapped up. But if you’re looking to make a bold step into new markets abroad, then you’ll need a local expert to guide you - and guarantee you unprecedented access to local knowledge – so you can achieve that initial ‘early success’.

Hurdles? What hurdles? It’s a world of opportunity out there. And with our expert Inward Investment team on your side help really is at hand, every step of the way. So why not get in touch?

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